Strategic Inclusion

A DEI implementation program for People Leaders

Facilitated by

Veza Global and Catchy Consulting

Support and Co-create the next stage of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategic plan. Moving the organization to be more accessible and have a deeper sense of belonging.


Strategic Inclusion

A DEI implementation program for People Leaders

Facilitated by

Veza Global and Catchy Consulting

Support and Co-create the next stage of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategic plan. Moving the organization to be more accessible and have a deeper sense of belonging.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are fundamental to any organization’s success, no matter its size. IDEA+B (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Belonging) are fundamental aspects of thriving organizations now and in the future. Access practical tools, information, resources and community to bring valuable expertise to your organization.

Be supported by experts on your professional development journey and showcase the tactical and strategic roadmap you’ll build for your organization.


The program is eligible for CPD credits for Certified HR professionals. CPHR BC & Yukon is the grantor of the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR™) designation in BC and the Yukon. As a member of CPHR Canada, CPHR BC & Yukon contributes to setting and upholding the national standards for the CPHR.
CPHR Canada represents 31,000 members in the Human Resources Profession across nine provinces and three territories in Canada

Why take this program?

Cultivate an innovative environment that celebrates different perspectives and ideas by prioritizing IDEA+B (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, belonging). The program has been intentionally built to support you while you are leading or supporting cultural change through the active creation and/or expansion of your organizational policies, procedures, culture, and initiatives that embody the change towards inclusion and increased representation of historically marginalized populations.

"I am simmering over all of the knowledge and tools shared over the past couple of weeks and which have been shared over the past couple of weeks and I am grateful to continue to learn in this space."

~Allie, Hinterland Games

Who is this program for?

Strategic Inclusion is designed for People Leaders, Human Resource professionals, and other organizational representatives who are looking to access industry-leading training to make a real impact on policies, procedures and culture of their organization. Become an Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Belonging (IDEA+B) champion inside your organization, and be grounded with the fundamental skills and information to support your career and leadership.


  • Nurture your ability to navigate change from both practical and tactical perspectives.

  • Understand how to further develop and engage others in IDEA+B policies and practices to integrate into your organizational culture.

  • Feel competent in communicating the societal and organizational barriers for equity-deserving populations.

  • Assist others within your organization in addressing barriers from a place of resiliency.

  • Be confident in your ability to facilitate difficult conversations,

  • Build on self-resilience while supporting others who are championing common goals.

  • Solve complex organizational struggles through expert-provided guidance and support.


(6-week program)

  • Six (6) live modules over May-June, with an opportunity for Q&A

  • Opportunity to receive up to one hour of one-on-one coaching for confidential, real-time needs

  • Access to a “Community of Practice” Slack channel to support active learning and collaboration between participants and subject matter experts

  • Case studies on real-world scenarios

  • Curated resources to support the implementation

What is included?

  • Office hours to support the co-creation of your unique organizational roadmap.

  • Modules include presentation / classroom-style learning intertwined with activities, reflection, resource sharing, and real situations within the peer-activating community. Each session will include a short guided meditation to ground us into the work.

  • Build connections with other HR leaders, facilitators & not-for-profits working in this space.

  • Celebrate growth and success towards inclusion and belonging.

  • Identify commitments moving forward & what else we as individuals and our organizations can do.

  • Experiences from the desk of an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

  • Shared resources and recorded live sessions

  • A certificate of completion

  • A program that is eligible for CPD credits for Certified HR professionals

What Our Students Say

I am simmering over all of the knowledge and tools which have been shared over the past couple of weeks and I am grateful to continue to learn in this space.

Allie, Hinterland Games

The Strategic Inclusion program provided valuable theory and practical takeaways which as an organization we are actively implementing into creating our Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy.

As a participant, the instructional approach taken by Veza Global in delivery of the DEI modules via Zoom was very hands-on which led to interactive group discussions on theory, engaging speaker sessions, who were well-versed in DEI topics/practices. This led to further discussion around real-life DEI case studies and experiences.

There was a succinct flow from one topic to another in the delivery of the seven (7) modules - very organized with key takeaways, discussions, and resources. Which had direct application and connection to our organization’s strategy and action plan. As an example, in one of the modules we focused on Benchmarking from a theoretical approach, had interactive discussions about connecting benchmarking to the organizational goals and specifically the DEI portfolio and practical takeaways that we will be embedding in our benchmarking project as a part of our larger Global DEI strategy and action plan(s). I would confidently recommend the Createwith Resilience program to Human Resources/DEI practitioners seeking to building out or enhance their DEI strategies, actions plans and programs within their organization.

Manager, HR at a global tech company

Veza Global and Catchy Consulting compiled a very comprehensive curriculum, including seven topical modules based on an overall set of objectives for the program. These seven DEI focused modules went in-depth on specific topics related to organizational resilience, policies and practices, application of DEI to the employee life cycle, difficult conversations and bias, sponsoring and championing employees, and more. The course offered definitions, written and presented content, workbooks, additional resources and an open space for questions and answers (Q&A).

The content of these modules was further enhanced by the participation of subject-matter experts as guest speakers, who brought their perspective on specific topics to the group and contributed their expertise on problem-solving approaches and best practices. Additionally, “office hours” were provided, allowing participants to bring specific, real-time situations forward and ask questions and obtain advice. I found this particularly beneficial as it fulfilled my need to understand specific actions our organization needed to take, or it validated the approach we were already taking.

The facilitation by Manpreet Dhillon (Veza Global) and Kathy Gibson (Catchy Consulting) created a space built on trust, confidentiality, inclusiveness and openness which meant participants felt supported and open to sharing their struggles and challenges without concern for judgement. This truly enhanced the overall program and created connection among the participants, which, I believe, contributed to an elevated networking experience.

I have participated in many webinars, courses and programs over the course of my career and the format, material breakdown and pace of this program was top-notch. I believe it aligns with the values, intent and spirit of the CPHR designation and would elevate the expertise of CPHR professionals.

Director, ESG at a global tech company

Module 1

Program introduction and foundational IDEA-B

Why we’re not just checking the boxes:

  • Overview of the program

  • Addressing Systemic barriers and disadvantages

  • Executive buy-in, budgeting, and resources

  • Immediate tactical considerations (phased creation, expansion, and integration)

  • Change Management

  • Build resilience and prevent burnout

Module 2

Proactively building an anti-racist organization:

  • The embodiment of Indigenous worldview

  • Impact of Systemic Colonial Practices

  • Stages for fostering an anti-racist organization

  • Activate allyship and reduce passive workplace bystander effect

Module 3

Harnessing commitment for successful change management:

IDEA+B practices and other activations

  • Building and sustaining IDEA+B Committees

  • Enabling influential Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and compensation

  • Fostering an inclusive company culture

  • IDEA+B training and development schedule and content

    Solving IDEA+B issues through coaching, strategy, and influence:

  • Making mistakes and learning from them

  • Creating a culture of conversation

  • Having hard conversations

  • Providing constructive feedback

Module 4

Reporting processes - benchmarking representation:

  • Measuring diversity within your organization

  • Using the Benchmarking Toolkit

  • TAP Network Salary Survey

  • Going beyond representation (inclusion and belonging)

Module 5

Inclusive Employee Life Cycle:

  • Recruitment

  • Retention

  • Performance Management

  • Sponsorship and Mentorship

  • Training and development

  • Promotion and succession planning

Module 6

Fostering a respectful workplace:

  • Activating trust & psychological safety

  • Constructively resolve conflicts

  • When to call out vs. call in

  • Developing and reviewing of IDEA+B policies & procedures

  • IDEA+B legalities

  • Building with inclusivity

  • Creating a communication rollout plan

  • Importance of frequent and timely communications

For any questions and financial support inquiries, please contact [email protected]

Kathy Gibson is the President and CEO of Catchy Consulting Inc. Prior to establishing her company in early 2009, she worked as an award-winning Director of Human Resources for several successful Tech organizations. Kathy has served as a trusted Senior Project Manager, Consultant or Advisor on several influential projects in the province and has presented at the Parliamentary Hearings.

Most recently, Kathy was the Sr. Project Manager of Tap Network's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Tech Project. The scope of this project included several key pilots aimed at creating a more inclusive and diverse tech sector. Kathy has been entrusted with the implementation of all pilots across the province, engaging with some 550+ stakeholders and building an IDEA-B Coalition of project supporters. Based on the enormous reach and success of the pilots, the funding was extended to three years. Two of the fundamental aspects of the Project included the development and launch of the IDEA-B Resource HUB with over 400+ tools and resources to elevate employer practices and the execution of several video vignettes to increase public awareness.

Kathy regularly assists organizations with the development of internal resources, programs and launching initiatives to elevate IDEA-B, with consideration of the employee life cycle, compensation, policies, procedures and much more. She has a passion for and is living her dharma when collective impact to the human experience can be made. Known for her sense of humor and approachability, she is an empathetic connector having worked with multiple not-for-profits, tech companies and government over the years.

Kathy Gibson

President & CEO of Catchy Consulting Inc.

Manpreet Dhillon

Veza Global supports organizations to embed Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, & Belonging (IDEA-B) across their operations to create a more inclusive culture that attracts and retains diverse team members and improves performance.

Veza builds and supports the implementation of IDEA-B by applying research-backed organizational maturity models and our proprietary assessment technology assessment technology developed over our 15 years of international experience. Veza was founded by Manpreet Dhillon, who is ranked #15 globally on the 2020 EmPower Ethnic Minority Future Leaders list and has over 20 years of leadership, coaching, human resources, and community development expertise. She focuses on creating systemic change to address institutionalized inequalities through representation from the communities being served.

Veza has worked with small to large organizations in the technology, government, higher education, and commercial real estate industries. Veza is a proud contributing partner to the Tap Network's Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, & Belonging Tech Project in particular the human resources audits component and the development of the IDEA-B HUB. Veza is also proud to be the original developer of the content to support the employment of skilled immigrants through the ascend employmentment program.

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