Calling forward those women who want to take the ancestral knowledge and live life with more presence and more influence

You're invited to..


the Rise of women of culturally diverse backgrounds in the workplace: amplify your voice in any room

Community, Coaching, and Support for women of culturally diverse backgrounds. A roadmap for presence, awareness, influence and impact.

Note: culturally diverse means living with one or more cultures.

In this 4 month program, you will

  • Develop a roadmap for presence, self-awareness, influence and impact

  • Develop and trust your intuition

  • Network to accelerate your career and personal life

  • Know that you are held and supported in community, every step of the way

This program is for:

  • Individuals who have a growth mindset and are willing to be uncomfortable and sit with the discomfort

  • Middle managers who want to increase their impact

  • Entrepreneurs who are growing their business and desire to manage their team better

Dates and times:

  • Live sessions with hot seat coaching will be held on Mondays semi-monthly at 10am - 11:30am PST

  • Program runs September 28, 2023 - January 8, 2024

  • Individual coaching calls can be scheduled anytime during the program

  • Access to coaching in the community group

If you want to improve your work life balance and live a life you desire, this training was made EXACTLY for you!

You're Here Because...

You know in your heart and in your bones, there is more to the life you are living.

You are an incredible woman working her way up in her dream career...

But it’s still not going how you imagined.

You're tired of doing #allthethings to progress in your career but not seeing the results you deserve!

You're finding the external pressures of expectations and obligations to much to handle.

You feel yourself “should”ing yourself constantly.

You find your body is hurting and in pain but you aren’t sure why.

You are tired, want more to do life the way you desire and have joy all the time!

You want to be seen for your skillset rather than the color of your skin

If so, you’re not alone.


I told you that you can learn the skills to advocate and speak up for yourself as part of a supportive community of women who all get it!?

Would you like to learn:

  • Increase your level of confidence and self-esteem

  • Enhancing your emotional intelligence

  • Further develop your leadership and management skills

  • Harness and trust your intuition

  • Tried and true energy management techniques 

  • Biohacking tricks and techniques for better health. Discover how to increase your energy and feel better as a part of the holistic leadership

  • Innovative ways to achieve your goals like travel and creating global impact

  • How to advocate for yourself at work, and ask for what you need 

  • How to advocate for yourself with family and friends  

  • Holistic and connected leadership embodiment practices like somatic, breathework, chanting, dance and yoga

  • How to harness your own superpower for your personal leadership style in the workplace



Want to take the journey to:

  • Discover how to overcome imposter syndrome, self-imposed pressures and other internal belief systems that may not be serving you anymore

  • Learn how to embody more confidence and showcase strengths

  • Reconnect with your own desires and create a roadmap for the life you truly crave

  • Know that you are held and supported in community, every step of the way


Want to discover how:

  • Patriarchy, racism, cultural influences and colonialism, and carrying the weight of the world can have a great (and unseen) impact on your body 

  • Understand how your feminine and masculine leadership styles impact your holistic management and leadership styles 

  • Inner conflict, inner turmoil, and repressed emotion can deeply impact the condition of your physical body

Want to evolve and:

  • Embody the wisdom of the South Asian divine feminine leaders (bringing this knowledge to the world as a way of embodiment)


  • Learn how to harness and embody the innate wisdom you hold inside and how it shows up in the workplace

  • Rise above adversity and empower yourself to thrive with innovative and creative solutions to create your dream life, starting from where you are, right now


Hi, I'm Manpreet. I have over 20 years of leadership, coaching, human resources, and community development expertise.

I have traveled the world to over 45 countries, started and grown multiple organizations, held positions as a board member, and worked with several notable organizations on global projects and initiatives.  

Professionally, I am a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, Certified Human Resources Professional and Certified Internal Auditor. I have worked as a Consultant and have held positions in the tech, government and UN world. I work closely with and have coached Executives, Managers and Entrepreneurs at different stages of their career. I have served on Provincial committees, university and not for profit boards. Here is my Linkedin for the professional resume.

What people don’t see is that I made all of this happen while regaining strength after multiple concussions and living with Lyme disease. After recovering from an autoimmune condition early in life and being misdiagnosed for many years, I began to sense that living the life I desired was completely possible, but it required a high level of awareness and keen energy management. 

Navigating my way through bedrest, burnout, and chronic pain, I adapted my lifestyle to align with the changes in my brain and set myself up to thrive. For me, living with an invisible disease has been a journey of understanding limitations, learning to speak up for myself and ask for help, and opening up to receive. 

Today, through biohacking, ancient healing practices, and innovative new technology, I have discovered new ways of engaging with my body and letting the innate intelligence inside be my guide. I am walking proof that anything is possible! 

For many years, I have coached women of color in their personal leadership and worked with organizations to foster equitable and inclusive cultures through Veza Global. Through this work, I started to piece together the transformation roadmap to becoming a Connected Leader that overcomes cultural oppression, patriarchy, racism to be a more confident, powerful and embodied version of yourself. This is the exact roadmap I have taken myself through and many others through.

manpreet dhillon

Ready to reconnect with your own desires and create a roadmap for the life you truly crave?

Join me on this four month live group coaching journey with other women of color who are forging their own path to live a life they truly desire. 

In these four months, you will be led to: 

  • Embody more confidence

  • Own your strengths and achievements

  • Enhance your leadership skills

  • Embody more of the South Asian divine feminine leaders by applying their learnings 

  • Introduce practices of somatic, breathework, chanting, dance, and yoga

  • Harness your own superpowers for your personal leadership in the workplace

You will have access to:

  • 2 group calls a month

  • private community space

  • 2 individual coaching sessions

I can't wait to see you there!!

Investment $1497 CAD

(payment plan available)

VIP option: 1:2:1 coaching for 6 months (2 coaching calls a month) and unlimited voxer support

$300 per month x 8

Available AFTER initial purchase

If you would like to schedule a connection call, to see if this program is for you, please schedule here.

  • Module 1: Getting unstuck - This is when we will dive deep into your belief systems and understand what is holding you back. It is all about the mindset.

  • Module 2: Confidence - The increase in self worth and self-confidence doesn’t have anything to do with your paycheque or does it? The more we embody our strengths, the more we ask for what we want. 

  • Module 3: Conscious - In rising above any oppression, we need to see and know the truth within situations and ourselves. It is important to trust your own intuition and your own knowingness. 

  • Module 4: Culture - We have all been impacted by our ancestral and family patterns, it is time to recognize them and use them to our advantage. 

  • Module 5: Connectedness - When we are truly aligned to our purpose, we are taking the stand for something we believe in. We want to see a difference made in the world and we know we are meant to make that difference. 

  • Module 6: Management/Leadership - In order to make the change in the world that we desire to see, we must step deeper into our own management and leadership style, knowing that both are necessary to be harnessed and to be done correctly, it must be done in a holistic way. 

  • Module 7: Impact - Enhance your impact through presence, a plan and economically empowering yourself and others. 

  • Module 8: Roadmap for creating and embodying the desired life - Create a sustainable roadmap for moving forward to embody the feminine and masculine leadership in a holistic and connected way, free of any types of oppression. 

Apply for Sponsorship for this Program

If you are under-employed or living in financial hardship but would benefit from this course please submit the form and apply to our sponsorship program.

Deadline for applications is 10 days before program start date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for women of culturally diverse backgrounds who are in middle management or higher roles. However, all genders and races are welcome.

What is the difference between group program and the VIP program?

The group program includes group coaching and 2 individual 1:1 coaching sessions with Manpreet, whereas, the VIP program has additional 1:1 coaching sessions with Manpreet for those who want individualized attention and to go deeper on their own experiences.

I need this program but I can't afford it

There is an opportunity to apply for a limited number of scholarships for those who are underemployed or facing financial difficulties. Please apply 10 days prior to the program start date and we will get back to you.

I am still not sure if this program is a fit.

Please schedule a consultant call here.

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